The first decentralized hospital

The Dream - A Decentralised Hospital, where patients of all types can access a top quality treatment with no need to go to a physical hospital.

We build Medtech

At Cantieri Digitali Medtech, we launch innovative ventures in medical technology. With our experience in home medicine, software development, operations and seamless user experience, our aim is to offer high-quality, reliable and stress-free diagnostics and therapeutic services from the comfort of our patients’ own homes.

At the cross of two of the largest proven-growing needs

Growing number of elderly in EU

The old-age dependency ratio (people aged 65 and above relative to those aged 15 to 64) in the EU is projected to increase by 21.6 percentage points, from 29.6% in 2016 to 51.2% in 2070

Growing risk of infection in-clinics

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, 70% of scheduled X-Rays have not been performed in the last 2 months

Constant and quick development of portable medical equipment and technologies

Lower cost of logistics optimisation models / softwares

Scalable service outside of Italy (EU)

Our Values

Cantieri Digitali Medtech is built upon the foundations of transparency, inclusion, openness, patients’ satisfaction and speed of execution. All decisions and opportunities on all fronts are and will be assessed based on these core values.

We want to have a positive social impact

From the start, we focus on building viable businesses with a positive impact for all of our stakeholders: our co-builders, teams, partners, customers, investors and society at large. This means that the individual needs of everybody in our ecosystem are considered with care. 
We believe that our focus on Medtech and home medicine is timely during the coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath, which are causing considerable strain on the healthcare industry and patients’ inability to seek proper in-hospital care. 
We adopted a work-from-anywhere philosophy from the start to tap into worldwide talent while encouraging our team members’ individual pursuits.   

Our Culture

Cantieri Digitali Medtech is a  Cloud Company by DNA, where employees’ happiness is an essential KPI. Smart working and part-time jobs will always be offered to the team, whenever possible.

We are venture builders

We want to rethink how medicine is done by bringing minimum viable ideas (MVIs) to life. We find, connect and support our co-builders with strong teams to help bring their vision to life. We work very closely on securing access to funding and leveraging a vast network of experts. With our knowledge of technology, strategy, operations and sales, we help accelerate venture growth in a sustainable and socially-conscious manner.

While we are focused on venture building in Italy as a start. Our diverse teams are located around the world, and are encouraged to pursue smart working without sacrificing their own passions and work-life balance.

It's been a long time since I have been thinking about launching my own business. However, it all seemed so risky and complicated that I never actually started.

When I first met with the Cantieri Digitali Medtech team, I felt very well understood and helped. My scientific and technical skills were really complementary with the technology and business skills of Cantieri. Today I love what I do and I grew a lot professionally by learning tons of new things from the people in Cantieri that work close to me. They act more like a team than anything else.

Curiosity: I really had no idea that software development is such a big ocean. I now work with back end, front end, database, infrastructure engineers and product managers. I could have never imagined this before I started Rx Home.
Marcello Da Col
Build and mentor strong co-builder team
Develop minimum viable ideas (MVIs)
Support with fundraising
Provide technical, sales and operational assistance
Connect to large network of experts
Advise on strategy and growth 

Build your startup with Cantieri Digitali Medtech