We created a structured approach to launching and growing Medtech ventures, which leverage the capabilities of both the Core team as well as each venture’s specialized expertise.

1. Build and mentor strong co-builder team

We strive to identify and connect passionate people with diverse backgrounds and knowledge to create our co-builder ecosystem. Throughout their venture-building journey, our core Cantieri Digitali Medtech team is on hand to provide guidance, support and mentorship.

2. Develop viable business model

We help identify customer pain points, revenue streams and efficiency drivers to inform our product portfolio. A fast and iterative development process allows us to learn and act quickly from a continuous feedback loop. 

Through our lean and design thinking approach, we perform market research, ideate, prototype, test for validity, and revise our design based on customer feedback before moving on to developing a robust minimal viable product.

3. Support with fundraising

We work with our co-building teams to find the best sources to finance their ventures from a number of options including direct investment from Cantieri Digitali Medtech, pitching to the investment community, government financing, debt-raising, and crowdfunding.

4. Provide technical, sales and operational support

Our Cantieri Digitali Medtech Core team’s experience in launching businesses, shipping tech products, creating sales channels and maintaining robust and efficient operations is made available to our co-builder teams to support their venture growth. 

We further support our co-builders in translating their vision into the right metrics for success, while developing a product strategy to help achieve their goals. Our ventures are supported by setting up an agile development structure that enables continuous delivery of validated product solutions.

5. Connect to large network of experts

In addition to the Core team, we connect our co-builders to an extensive network of industry advisors and subject matter experts to help them navigate the complex world of business. This is especially important in home medicine, where specialized expertise is crucial to keep up to date with the latest developments in Medtech and patient care.

6. Advise on strategy and growth 

Beyond the launch phase, we continue to support our co-builders throughout their venture’s journey, whether that includes launching new products, entering new markets, or planning and exit.

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